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Current Conditions

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Live Southerly sky on Campus (Courtesy KCRG-TV Wartburg Webcam)

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News from the Observatory

2014/02/02 - Fixed the wind chill display option.
2013/05/29 - The revised web page features a little reorganisation: an opening 'overview' page that features just a few pieces of information, while the more complete information suite is located on the 'current' tab. Unit preferences as well as the selector for the 'perceived' teperture (Apparent, humidex, heat index, wind chill, and dew point) are all located on the about/preferences tab. There is a switch there to set for a dark vision-friendly theme for any who are using this page while doing astronomical observation. Lastly, the 'observing' tab lists some data and a summary that are particularly handy for astronomical observation, particularly here at the Observatory. As always, please let me know if have comments or other input.
2013/05/27 - Cleaned out rain gauge at 15:00CDT. Disregard all rain data prior to 15:30CDT, as readings before this point were low and rain readings were exagerrated in the cleaning process. Rain readings (amount and rate) should be reliable past bthis point.
2013/05/26 - It's become apparent during the past rain storms that our rain gauge is clogged. We'll make sure to clean it out during the next dry day!
2013/05/25 - We've been working on some continued modifications to the weather page setup. Please bear with us as we do. If you have thoughts, comments, or recommendations on the layout, please send them to 'observatory', with the standard college email address.


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